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PUG#6 Friday 27th July

PUG#6 Friday 27th July
 PUG, Newcastle’s hit performance cabaret night, is back at Tyneside Irish Centre.

PUG is a platform for radical variety acts; an evening of comedy, dance, art and all the glorious things in between. Highly political and socially responsive, PUG presents performances by visual artists, dancers, poets, theatre-makers and people who work across all these art forms. AND… there’s a cheeky disco.

Hosted by Hannah Walker, Rosa Postlethwaite and Jamie Cook.

Line-up: Melody Sproates, gobscure, John Brown, Paradox Pictures, Queen Mojo

When: Friday 27th July 8:00PM

Where: Tyneside Irish Centre NE1 4SG

Tickets: PUG tickets are Pay What You Decide.
When you arrive at PUG you will be given an envelope in which you can anonymously pay an amount of your choice for your ticket. Please leave this at the front desk during or after the show.

Suitability: 18+

Content and Trigger Warning: loud and sudden noise, latex balloons, swearing & references to: psychiatry/psychiatric treatments, homophobia, gender-based discrimination

Please contact PUG Producer, Rosa at if you have any questions.

Programme here.

Travel and Access information here.

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ROSA POSTLETHWAITE | +44 (0) 7940 118 723 | | Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE

All images on PUG website by Chris Bishop