I write because I worship it and it keeps me sane. I’m always trying to experiment and will give anything a crack. I write for myself but it is wonderful when other people like it.

Resident writer for the night, Stavros wrote about PUG3 and performed his text live. He has kindly given us permission to publish this writing here. 


Hi my name is Stavros, I just thought I’d write something to let you all know,
about this little show, called PUG. – Let’s take this back to July 2016.
So we can gaze upon a little slice of history, when Hanna, Rosa and Jamie
wondered, what a radical new performance night in Newcastle, should really be.
They had asked a so-called expert, who just got really flustered, so they went to
Leazes Park and asked a fisherman, who really cut the mustard. “Cheap. Good transport links.
Fun.” This is my poetic take on how it all begun.

So with this invaluable information, they made this show come alive, acts including
‘Company of others’, a group of dancers, all over the age of 65!

With a show called Echo, exploring how we all arrived, philosophical, remaining topical,
we had Amy Lord dressed as a cat, exploring Bingo, imagine that!

Now then, a brief explanation about me.

I hail from Chilli Studios, a truly wondrous place, a safe space, where those of
us with difficulties, can be expressive and create. Or a coffee and a chinwag, for
regulars or for drop-ins, where I met my artistic friend, and now  co-writer

Who sadly, cried and sobbed, and felt utterly dejected, when King of Fools
Donald Trump, was surprisingly elected.
And Tory austerity, with no interest or passion for arts and culture, vultures
picking at the lean and vulnerable bones of a society.
Nurses, having to visit a food bank, whilst rank and file politicians have nothing new to do or say.
It simply isn’t good enough.

Stavros and Poppins shall write to fight this!!

But hey folks, let’s not get bogged down by politico, let us move swiftly on with this beautiful show.

With ‘Stolen voices’ by Johanna and Rebecca, vivid theatrics, a sonisphere tracking the Eastern Coast of this ancient isle, a deliciously creepy! investigation that made everybody smile!

Let us ponder and digest what you have seen tonight in this room, such as,
‘Where have all the flowers gone’ by choreographer Peter Groom.
A vulnerable experience, that captivated and made everybody swoon.

Or ‘Sexxes’, an exhilarating journey charting adaptive sexual behavior,
in Homo-Sapiens and other animals that we know, titillating and intelligent,
exotic and erotic, what a splendid show!

And now Ladies and Gentlemen! Audiomaniac Jamie will play a soundtrack to the fabric of our lives.


Stavros//Poppins, 14th September 2017


+44 (0) 77577 39643


Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE

PUG 2020

It’s looking unlikely that there will be any PUG performance club nights in 2020.

In the meantime please check out Coax our weekly online gathering.

Have a look at what we’ve done in 2019 via our Archive.

ROSA POSTLETHWAITE | +44 (0) 77577 39643 | info@pugnight.co.uk | Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE

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