squarepegs in roundholes



squarepegs in roundholes is part of our ongoing ‘reclaiming the languages of lunacy’. psychiatry is privileged storytelling with major daddyfreud issues. psychiatry still refuses to acknowledge how all mental distresses are worsening due to a maddening world. so heres subversion with a whitecoat repeatedly hammering the wrong shape into a kiddies toy while victim-blaming the shape e.g. as ‘treatment-resistant’ and ‘oppositionally defiant disorder’ before the white coat falls apart completely. our version of take the toys from the boys will be sung while resist ants handed out in a final procession marking the symbolic death of psychiatry

current new performance fill yr gob first then speak for maximum effect is inspired by one of our closest friends who was taught by her tyneside miner-dad before world war two ‘never speak with yr mouth-half full. fill it first & then speak for greatest effect.’ conditions of english working class for adult-education post our worst-sectioning / while homeless blew us away (engels poetry too) ‘provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth’ – should be compulsory reading for all govern-mentals. supported by a bursary from camden peoples theatre and first presented there as part of common people.

squarepegs in roundholes was part of PUG#6 at Tyneside Irish Centre 27 April 2018.


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PUG workshop: Scottee | Saturday 7 December

PUG workshop: Scottee | Saturday 7 December

Engaging with Activism Workshop with Scottee! 

Open to artists & free

This workshop looks at how to make political work about things you really care about. 

Please bring water and clothes you are comfortable to move around in. 

Time: 11 am  – 1pm 
Date: Saturday 7th December
Where: Cobalt Studios 
Travel and access information here.
Sorry this workshop will not be BSL interpreted. 

Limit space please book here.

If you have any questions please contact PUG producer, Rosa via rosapostlethwaite@gmail.com. 

You can see more about Scottee’s work here.
Scottee is performing I’ve Been Radicalised at PUG#9 on Friday 6th December.

ROSA POSTLETHWAITE | +44 (0) 77577 39643 | info@pugnight.co.uk | Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE

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