You are who you choose to be

Melody Sproates 

Melody is sick and tired of been ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’, so they’ve made a lip sync to explain that… They’re neither. Whether it be your hairstyle, clothes or even just the way you talk, we are often judged or put into one single category of ‘boy’ or ‘girl’. Melody has utilised moments from their own life and recreated them through sound clips from Eminem, transgender activists, Terrorcore, Piers Morgan, The Police and many more. This performance on self discovery and acceptance reaches out to an audience and tells them that it is okay to be whoever you are, as long as that they are their true, authentic and happy self.

Melody is a writer, musician, artist and performer. They create work that challenges, educates and humours an audience. As a genderfluid person, they feel that gender neutrality, androgyny and non-binary is massively underrepresented in the current arts, and they would like to improve any negative media representations of people who identify outside of the gender binary; by opening up conversations and having more trans voices heard.

You are who you choose to be was part of PUG#6 at Tyneside Irish Centre 27 April 2018.


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Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE



PUG, performance cabaret night comes to The Stand Comedy Club!

PUG is an evening of comedy, dance, art and all the glorious things in between. Highly political, soulful and surprising, PUG presents performances by visual artists, dancers, poets, theatre-makers and people who work across all these art forms.

And there’s a cheeky disco.

Hosted by Hannah Walker, Rosa Postlethwaite and Jamie Cook.

Line-up: What’s That Dance, Honourous_Chun, Strange Boy and Figs in Wigs. See programme here.

When: Sunday 25th August, Doors 7:00pm, Show & Disco 8.30 – 11.30pm

Where: The Stand Comedy Club. The Stand website here.

Tickets: PUG tickets are Pay What You Decide.
When you arrive at PUG you will be given an envelope in which you can anonymously pay an amount of your choice for your ticket. Please leave this at the front desk during or after the show.

Reserve a ticket by calling The Stand on 0191 300 9700

Suitability: 18+

Content and Trigger Warning: strong language, loud music, track used in performance, ‘Requiem for Hit’ contains the lyrics ‘I Beat that Bitch with a hit’. Written by Miss Kittin this song is a feminist interpretation of the house track ‘I Beat that bitch with a bat’.

PUG#8 will be filmed and photographed to document the performances and to market future PUG events. Please let Rosa know via the email below if you do not which to be filmed or photographed.

Please contact PUG Producer, Rosa at if you have any questions.

ROSA POSTLETHWAITE | +44 (0) 77577 39643 | | Space Six, Floor Six, 39 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6QE

All images on PUG website by Chris Bishop